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Comets are distinguished from asteroids by the presence of an extended, gravitationally unbound atmosphere surrounding their central nucleus. This atmosphere has parts termed the coma (the central part immediately surrounding the nucleus) and the tail (a typically linear section consisting of dust or gas blown out from the coma by the Sun's light pressure or outstreaming solar wind plasma). However, extinct comets that have passed close to the Sun many times have lost nearly all of their volatile ices and dust and may come to resemble small asteroids. [2] Asteroids are thought to have a different origin from comets, having formed inside the orbit of Jupiter rather than in the outer Solar System. [3] [4] The discovery of main-belt comets and active centaur minor planets has blurred the distinction between asteroids and comets .

Comets orbit the sun, but most are believed to inhabit in an area known as the Oort Cloud , far beyond the orbit of Pluto. Occasionally a comet streaks through the inner solar system; some do so regularly, some only once every few centuries. Many people have never seen a comet, but those who have won't easily forget the celestial show.

Others aren't so sure. "We do not believe the two-comets theory can explain the Wow! signal," Jerry Ehman, the astronomer who discovered the Wow! signal in 1977, told Live Science. [ 5 Times We Thought We Found Aliens ]

The Comets - Big Business Jokes - Help MeThe Comets - Big Business Jokes - Help MeThe Comets - Big Business Jokes - Help MeThe Comets - Big Business Jokes - Help Me